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The Influence Of Technology On Plastic Surgery

In recent decades, technology’s evolution has had significant impacts on nearly every industry, including within the medical field. Technology has helped make surgeries more efficient, and it has also helped improve safety measures for patients. These shifts are especially true within the plastic surgery arena.  MicrosurgeryAs part of their commitment to helping patients, plastic surgeons haveContinue reading “The Influence Of Technology On Plastic Surgery”

The Best Tools To Learn About Mergers And Acquisitions

Learning about the ins and outs of mergers and acquisitions is a crucial part of achieving long-term success. In recent years, a number of helpful tools have been created to help professionals learn more about how mergers and acquisitions work and how to move through the process. The following tools have been praised for theirContinue reading “The Best Tools To Learn About Mergers And Acquisitions”

Preparing for Oral Surgery

A patient’s behavior in the days leading up to their surgery can have a huge effect on the eventual results. The right preparation can reduce the risk of complications and make recovery a lot easier. Before any oral surgery, follow these tips to get the best possible outcome.

How COVID Impacts Healthcare Mergers

The sudden and violent onset of the COVID pandemic has affected business and industry across virtually every genre. Planned corporate actions, investments, and openings have been halted in their tracks. The healthcare industries have been the most heavily impacted by the virus. In addition to the strained resources and strenuous demand on staff, healthcare mergers were also affected by COVID.

Mergers and Acquisitions are on the Rise

In recent months, there have been several mergers and acquisitions in the news. One great example of this is Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of E*Trade. Another is the merger between the parent companies of traditional rivals Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. The truth is that whenever there’s a recession, we’ll see this pattern.

Five Ways That Mergers Change a Company’s Ability to Compete

A merger is a term describing the combining of two companies, the terms of which are hashed out pre-merger. While it is definitely an exciting time for both parties involved, company executives and leaders must be aware of how such a decision affects their ability to compete in their respective niches. Change in Competition CategoryContinue reading “Five Ways That Mergers Change a Company’s Ability to Compete”

How AI is Transforming Plastic Surgery

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the entire healthcare industry including plastic surgery with the way it helps providers offer better care to their patients, helps with preparations before operations, helps during operations, and helps patients recover after an operation is done. There are three main ways AI helps with the plastic surgery experience including patient care, theContinue reading “How AI is Transforming Plastic Surgery”