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Lessons from Failed Acquisitions

Mergers are a way of doing business that can provide a stable growth environment. Unfortunately, they can also cause financial loss and embarrassment. Many of these transactions fail despite the due diligence that companies must perform. As the number of mergers continues to increase, it’s essential to analyze what factors go wrong in a deal.Continue reading Lessons from Failed Acquisitions

Keeping Morale Up During a Merger

Keeping employees engaged is very important for a company to succeed, especially when it comes to a merger. In addition to working seamlessly together, having an engaged workforce can also help boost a company’s chances of succeeding. According to a survey conducted by the Gallup organization, businesses with highly engaged workers are more likely toContinue reading Keeping Morale Up During a Merger

Leading an Upcoming Acquisition

Despite the number of mergers that fail, we keep doing them because they are necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. The only way to accomplish this is by having a clear vision and a compelling integration process. A separate leader for the integration process helps minimize risk and accelerate progress. Here are some strategiesContinue reading Leading an Upcoming Acquisition

How Inflation Impacts M&As

Inflation is a top concern for investors as it can weaken the US dollar’s purchasing power and decrease its value. Since 2021, the US has experienced faster-than-predicted increases in inflation. Other central banks worldwide are also raising interest rates to combat this. Rising inflation and the increased risks associated with the supply chain also contributeContinue reading How Inflation Impacts M&As

How to Follow Trends Within M&As

Mergers and acquisitions can significantly impact stock prices and the markets. They also create new opportunities for investors. If you are an investor or a private equity professional, you must know the latest news about mergers and acquisitions. In this article, we will talk about the top news sites covering mergers and acquisitions. These areContinue reading How to Follow Trends Within M&As

The Dental Industry’s Dominate Deal Maker, Viper Equity Partners, soars to over 300m in Q1 2022.

PALM BEACH, Fla., May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The consolidation of the dental industry has been growing steadily over the last 20 years. Today, 30% of Americas dentists have joined one of the 600 DSO’s making it the most active market in healthcare. Deal values based on EBITDA have risen above 11x for marquee singleContinue reading “The Dental Industry’s Dominate Deal Maker, Viper Equity Partners, soars to over 300m in Q1 2022.”

How to Protect Mergers and Acquisitions During Tough Times

As the economic cycle continues to change, companies and private equity firms must consider their strategies to adapt to the changes. There is a substantial amount of capital available for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), which is more than what was available during the previous cycles. According to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, businesses that canContinue reading “How to Protect Mergers and Acquisitions During Tough Times”

Starting your Own Podcast about Mergers and Acquisitions

There are so many different types of content marketing tools that it can be hard to choose just one that fits your needs. Creators can create various types of content, such as blog posts, social media updates, slides, and video. In addition to being used in content plans, audio is also being used in variousContinue reading “Starting your Own Podcast about Mergers and Acquisitions”

Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Practices Are Vital in Many People’s Lives

Plastic surgery is considered a surgical specialty that is involved with both improving someone’s appearance and the construction of facial and body tissue defects incurring because of illness, trauma, or birth disorders. This improvement is accomplished by reconstructive surgery that transfers tissue from one body part to another. There is a wide range of highlyContinue reading “Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Practices Are Vital in Many People’s Lives”

How to Calm Nerves before a Plastic Surgery Procedure 

Getting plastic surgery is a great way to improve your self-confidence, but undergoing any surgery can be scary. It is perfectly natural to be a little nervous leading up to your procedure. If the anxiety is completely taking over your thoughts, then you need to address the issue as soon as possible. These are theContinue reading “How to Calm Nerves before a Plastic Surgery Procedure “