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How To Incorporate Sustainability Into M&As

A merger and acquisition (M&A) is a complicated process that causes some business owners to forget about the causes that they’re fighting for. Sustainability increases consumer interest in a business, reduces the costs of expenses, and puts the business a step above less sustainable competitors. There are ways to incorporate the principle of sustainability into a new M&A plan.

Use government incentives
The government makes it easy to incorporate sustainability into the startup operations of a business. The business owner receives energy tax credits and incentives to reduce the costs of monthly and annual expenses.

Create an M&A integration plan
Integrating two companies is best done with a specialized plan. This plan focuses on the risks and benefits that are unique to an M&A transaction. The plan is appointed by a leader who guides each employee during every step of the integration process.

Incorporate into policy
With a newly acquired company, the owner must put new policies into place. The policies are found in the company’s handbook and describe the company’s goals and strategies. It is important to include the goal of incorporating sustainability into the business’s practices.

Include a plan for workers
Considering the rights of workers is part of every business that promotes environmental responsibility. The health of the workplace environment is as equally important as the health of the natural environment. A healthy, sustainable business combines the ideal standards held for people, Earth, and society.

Create a post-merger success plan
The work of running a successful company is not complete after the merger and acquisition end. It takes a year or longer to know for certain if the deal has been successful. A post-merger plan includes a continuously updated list of steps to follow during this long period. The first step is to keep the employees informed of every new change, which includes updating their contact information.

During a merger and acquisition, it’s necessary to blend the old company’s ideas into the new company’s culture. This includes incorporating the practice of sustainability into a broader environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) program. The point is to maintain a company that does not cause further harm to society and the environment. 


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